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P1 2017-08-10T23:30:00Z

24 - 31 L

P2 2017-08-20T00:00:00Z

23 - 27 L

P3 2017-08-25T23:00:00Z

30 - 28 W

P4 2017-08-31T23:30:00Z

38 - 40 L

1 2017-09-08T00:30:00Z

27 - 42 L

2 2017-09-17T17:00:00Z

36 - 20 W

3 2017-09-24T17:00:00Z

36 - 33 W

4 2017-10-01T17:00:00Z

30 - 33 L

5 2017-10-06T00:25:00Z

19 - 14 W

6 2017-10-15T17:00:00Z

24 - 17 W

7 2017-10-23T00:30:00Z

23 - 7 W

8 2017-10-29T17:00:00Z

21 - 13 W

10 2017-11-13T01:30:00Z

41 - 16 W

11 2017-11-19T21:25:00Z

33 - 8 W

12 2017-11-26T18:00:00Z

35 - 17 W

13 2017-12-03T18:00:00Z

23 - 3 W

14 2017-12-12T01:30:00Z

20 - 27 L

15 2017-12-17T21:25:00Z

27 - 24 W

16 2017-12-24T18:00:00Z

37 - 16 W

17 2017-12-31T18:00:00Z

26 - 6 W

DP 2018-01-13T17:00:00Z

35 - 14 W

CC 2018-01-21T17:00:00Z

24 - 20 W

SB 2018-02-04T17:00:00Z

33 - 41 L

Super Bowl LII

February 4, 2018

US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN

Latest News
Patriots sign former long-time Jets LB David Harris

After spending the past 10 seasons with the Jets, Harris joins the Patriots on a two-year contract.

Belichick reportedly impressed with Cooks' work

The Patriots acquired the ex-New Orleans receiver in the offseason, and early reports are that the team is happy with Cooks.

Patriots increase incentives in Chung's contract

PFF looks at Safety Patrick Chung's production for the Patriots, including how close he usually plays to the line of scrimmage.

WR Brandin Cooks lining up all over the field

After an offseason trade, the Patriots have Cooks lining up at every receiving position. PFF looks at his production from each of them.

WR Julian Edelman signs an extension with the Patriots

After a key Super Bowl catch and a career of success in New England, Julian Edelman and the Patriots have agreed to a contract extension.

CB Jonathan Jones taking early reps as Patriots' nickel cornerback

Jonathan Jones will likely compete with Cyrus Jones for snaps at nickel CB for the Patriots.

Mike Gillislee favored to be the Patriots starting back

RB Mike Gillislee had an eye-opening 2016, and now he looks to continue to build on his career with the Patriots.

Rob Gronkowski is 'feeling great' at OTAs

PFF takes a look at Gronk's 2016 production, where he was one of the most dominant players on the field when he was healthy.

Patriots RB White has "won over" Brady and Belichick

The New England RB offered a huge performance in this year's Super Bowl and has followed up on that by impressing his QB and coach.

Jonathan Jones working with first team in OTAs

Former undrafted free agent out of Auburn Jones is reportedly seeing time with the first team as the nickel cornerback.